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  Project Analysis System Architecture
Need a new application?  Have an existing application that needs a face lift?  Need a report customized?  CompuTech Data Services engineers can spend some time at your office to determine your requirements.  We can provide you a detailed document outlining the project scope, risk, suggestions of available technology, and development time frame.  We will also give you an idea of the project feasibility.  At CompuTech Data Services, no project is too small. Constructing system architecture is just as important as properly designed software.  If a computer system cannot support the software then the whole project is destined for failure.  CompuTech Data Services engineers have the expertise to avoid such pitfalls.  System architecture can consist of servers, workstations, front and back end technologies, database and to some extent network architecture.
Design Microsoft SQL Server
CompuTech Data Services engineers have over 15 years experience of building small business applications.  Once software specifications are finalized, we can proceed to the design phase of software development.  We design our software to accommodate the use of Microsoft’s technologies such as windows application development, windows web forms,, html and classic asp.  At CompuTech Data Services we utilized a full software development lifecycle approach.  Do your need a database? CompuTech Data Services engineers can design a database to fit your business needs.  Our professionals have the expertise to administer, maintain, tune and secure your database.  Depending on the complexity of your database, we can use Microsoft Access, SQL Express or a full blown SQL Server.  We can also help you design reports or queries derived from your database.
Custom Training/Mentoring Services
  There are a lot of lessons to be learned and a lot of best practices to find and absorb.  CompuTech Data Services offers training for developing your software from start to end.  We can work with your team to plan your whole project or only guide you through the difficult parts.  Our experience allows us to think outside the box and generate different scenarios. We offer our software development services in a variety of ways to meet every possible need.  Options range from time and material setups, hourly blocks and monthly service contracts, and sometimes even fixed price setups.  Contact us for more information.
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